Created Equal PAC is a nonprofit 501(c)4, nonpartisan organization dedicated to defending the right to life of preborn children. As a social welfare organization, we lobby in regard to legislation pertaining to abortion or other bio-ethical issues at the state and federal level.  We believe in holding political office-holders and candidates accountable for their views on the sanctity of human life and the right to life of the preborn. Any candidate or elected official who supports the killing of preborn children is unfit for public office, regardless of party affiliation.

Accordingly, we utilize images of abortion victims in our advocacy. Our goal is to allow the victims of abortion to speak for themselves in order to persuade citizens to use their votes to defend preborn children. If the photographic evidence of the injustice of abortion does not activate the pro-life vote, nothing will.

We supply voters and the public at large critical information regarding current and future public policy issues concerning human life.

We support the legislative agenda of pro-life lawmakers in the Ohio legislature and in Congress.  Specifically, we efforts like the Heartbeat Bill (HB 69) that protects preborn children at the point at which the heartbeat is detectable. 

Federally, we support the Pain Capable Unborn Child Awareness Protection Act (HR 36) currently in the US House of Representatives.